Corporate Party Hire

Corporate Hire for Adults Parties in Sutherland Shire

We at Castles R Fun specialise in all kinds of events, including corporate events. You might have a corporate retreat at a resort, or at an employee’s home, and might want to relive your childhood days amidst the work pressure of adulthood. Do not be worried – pick up your phone and give us a call. Since we specialise in inflatable equipment for corporate hire in Sutherland Shire, we will quite easily be able to make you feel twelve again. Our inflatable castles, pools and slides are made with the most durable materials, allowing you to jump on them or jump in them or slide down quite easily since we maintain a 120-kilo load-bearing limit.

You might think that our equipment is costly but fear not, as we have a plan for that as well. If you are organising a retreat or party, and have a lot of employees onboard, you can get two or more inflatable equipment without thinking twice. The best part here is that when you hire them, we will offer you a healthy discount that will surely help to keep your party or retreat within the budget.

Assume you are planning a family event for your employees where they would have to bring their kids along as well. For such an event, you can call us up and ask for inflatable castles and slides for the kids to play in, while you and your employees enjoy a nice day off with your favourite cocktails. In case you were wondering, we do provide supervision for your children in exchange for a small fee, but only if you are interested and ask us to do so. Just remember that we do not organise any food or drinks for any party, so you will have to make the catering arrangements by yourself.

Other than inflatable equipment, we will also provide many other party equipment and items for hire, including:
  • Slushie machine for the kids as well as the adults
  • Chairs for the guests to sit on
  • Tables for the guests to eat at
  • Ice boxes for keeping your soda cans and beer bottles icy cool
  • Generators for running the slushie machine and other equipment

So what are you waiting for? Talk to your corporate party planner today and get in touch with us to get all of these for hire at affordable rates.